Advantages of Employing Postcard Marketing

Postcard marketing is becoming increasing popular as businesses find that this method of maintaining presence with customers is more effective than using email as the primary contact for marketing to customers.As most people have come to be inundated with emails from advertisers, marketers, businesses, and spammers it has become a habit to delete unsolicited emails without opening them. Whether the subject line of the email is interesting or not, if it is not from someone they know they are not likely to open the email.The average person today receives over one hundred emails a day. If the address is attached to a website, that number is tripled. These people do not have the time, and will not bother to open each email they receive to see an advertisement or sales promotion.The cost to some businesses to use spam-mail is astronomical. They signed contracts early in the game for services from a company or website to have their customers automatically emailed. The result has been that the cost for that advertising has far outweighed the income that results from the marketing efforts.Postcard emailing is more personal. When a person goes to their mail box on a daily basis, they read their postcards. Many will not open an envelope from a business, but they will read a postcard on the way into their home. This is an opportunity for a business to give a short message that compels the individual to respond by visiting the business, calling for service, or putting the postcard in a prominent place as a reminder of a coming event.A strategically worded postcard with a bright design and company logo is an excellent way to increase one’s customer base and expand the targeted audience for the product or service that is being sold.As part of the postcard marketing strategy, a company will want to include an incentive for the customer to make a purchase. This can be a discount or rebate for bringing the card to the store. An excellent expansion strategy is to give the customer a double discount for having a friend shop at the regular discount that is offered. For instance, a company may offer a ten percent discount on a product. If the card is shared with a friend the recipient automatically receives a twenty percent discount, while their friend receives the ten percent discount on the product.The postcard that is mailed to households is still the most effective way to touch customers. The postcard shows that the customer is more important than an auto-responder email or a mass mailing. When the card has been designed, created, and sent by a postcard company, the customer does not know that. They know that the company care enough to send a postcard. When the postcard is signed by an official of the company it provides the customer with the subliminal message that they are important to the company.Discussing one’s needs with a professional who has knowledge and expertise in effective postcard marketing strategies can increase a company’s presence in their community and within the area that their target market resides. In many cases a postcard company can set up a regular schedule for mailing postcards to customers that contain specific sale or discount information